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Cool Quarters Marketing is a digital marketing agency that specializes in helping small to mid-sized businesses grow their online presence and achieve success online. We focus on helping you establish and/or clarify your marketing goals, and then tailor the best strategy that will help you achieve those goals based on your marketing budget.

We understand that growth for any business is a marathon, not a sprint. This is true for new and established businesses alike. So by having a strong strategy in place, you can avoid distractions from competitors, and temptations to cut corners which can hinder success. We help keep things focused on what needs doing right now so there are no surprises later when it matters most.

Our approach is unique in that we provide several tiers of service based on your marketing budget and goals. Each tier walks you through phases of development outlined within your marketing plan. We don’t itemize our services…instead we provide quality comprehensive services based on your needs with an affordable monthly retainer. We want to make sure you receive quality care and achieve results without you having to worry about cutting out necessary services!


Trelena Anderson, CEO

Trelena Anderson
Digital Marketing Consultant / CEO

About Trelena.

Our founder, Trelena Anderson has an extensive background in business (MBA), Digital Marketing consulting, web development, graphic design, and project management, and is a graduate of Florida A&M University.  

At her core,  she is a strategist and a problem solver. Trelena has used these skills to create successful digital marketing campaigns, web development projects, and online courses for her clients.

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