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It's ok, we know...we get it.

 Digital marketing can be extremely confusing, it’s constantly changing, and it’s time consuming…especially if you want it done right. 

Which of these scenarios can you relate to?
Social Media Thinker

“We need to “do social media” but which networks should we focus on? And how in the world do we get followers and keep them engaged?”

SEO Thinker

“I would like to increase traffic to our website and show up on the first page in Google searches but…how?”

Marketing Automation Thinker

“We get a lot of leads but many are not ready to buy yet…how can we engage with them so that they finally become customers?”

Website Development Thinker

“Actually…our website kind of sucks.  If I’m honest, it’s hard to look at, and I wish we could do more things with it!”

Nothing Works Thinker

“Nothing that we are doing is working!  This is too time-consuming and I feel like we’re wasting money!”

Sounds familiar? That’s why we are here.

Cool Quarters Marketing is a premier full-service Digital Marketing and Consulting agency driven to help you cut through all of the marketing fluff and get real results for your business.  We’re talking…

If you’re ready to stop spinning your wheels and get some REAL help, then hit that “Let’s Talk” button.  Go ahead! It’s free. We won’t bite. 😉

Need more? Ok. Ask yourself these questions:

Do you know how you get each of your sales or leads?

Do you know how much each sale costs to generate in regards to marketing dollars (ROI)?

Do you know what your average lifetime customer value is?

Do you use marketing automation for communicating to prospects and retaining past customers?

If you can't answer with a resounding "YES!" to every question, then you need to talk with us...
...or start by reading this ebook.
Four Step Marketing EBook

We believe in using the Four Step Marketing approach to leverage digital marketing and grow business revenues.

Defining Your Unique Selling Point
Generate Leads with Platforms & Offers
Measure and Leverage the Marketing Arsenal
Automating Followup with Marketing Automation
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I have to say that my experience was very professional and here is why: After my website was completed, Cool Quarters made sure that as an administrator that I understood how to use every feature of my new website. That, experience alone was invaluable. Congratulations again Cool Quarters Marketing and thank you!

Vernell Robinson

Cool Quarters Marketing is a complete design and consulting firm. I find them to be very thorough. Trelena tends to go the extra mile when pursuing what her clients need, tenacious to a fault. My advice to other customers would be to remove yourself from the play room and allow her to completely create what you need.  When receiving a consult, understand that she will go out of her way to provide the best ideas related to your project.

Charletta Young
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