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The Benefits of Google Business Listing to Your Business

A recent search engine statistic study said that one out of three searches made on the Internet has local intent. It means that millions of searches from around the globe are searching for almost anything online that is found closest to the user’s location. For a business owner who is targeting clients or consumers within a community, these users are precious and can become potential customers or clients when their services match their keyword searches. Attracting local consumers through advanced geotagging and SEO technology is one of the benefits of having a Google business listing, popularly known as Google My Business.

What is Google My Business?

Google has supported businesses through Google My Business platform

Google My Business is the flagship enterprise program that Google has established to help more businesses become visible to customers within the community. Many of the benefits offered by having a Google business listing, through Google My Business, has helped small and medium-sized companies gain more customer interaction and market their products and services to them.

Established in 2014, the program has continuously evolved to help businesses become visible in search results through map placement, indexed optimization, marketing, and content relevance. Having a Google business listing is about more than just marking your company on Google Maps. Google My Business is designed to become a business tool for these businesses to organize and manage their established presence on all Google platforms, which has the capacity to integrate on many marketing platforms available online.

How does Google My Business work?

The Benefits of Google Business Listing include visibility of your business on Google maps and locations

Having your business listed under Google My Business is simple. Just go to the Google My Business website, sign up for a business account, and start managing your business profile. Once you have a Google My Business account, you can integrate all of its features to your business, deemed by many as one of the biggest benefits of having a Google business listing.

What are the primary benefits a Google business listing can bring to my business?


  • The benefits of Google business listings come in various business aspects that help shape the daily operations, management, and engagement of the business with its customers and clients. While its primary benefit is geotagging your location on a specific latitude/longitude on the map, Google My Business is more than just a yellow page profile. It also acts as: 
  • A consumer map
  • A communication channel with your current and prospective customers
  • A strategic tool to know how your business is performing within a certain range of time. 

One of the best features of Google My Business is that it is working closely with Google Adwords, Insights, Search, and Maps.  These tools are integral in driving local traffic to your website, allowing you to conveniently manage your business’ online presence.

How does SEO help in establishing my company with Google My Business?

Because this service is closely connected with Google Search, SEO is one of the fundamental strategies that keep your page content optimized for both local and global search keywords. If you have partnered with a digital marketing agency that offers affordable SEO packages, chances are your content is also optimized for use in your Google Business Listing.

Using Affordable SEO Packages with Google My Business

Benefits of Google Business Listing include SEO for your business web pages

Creating and maintaining your business’ online presence may seem easy, but it can be a bit time-consuming.  However, that problem was solved five years ago by using affordable SEO packages to optimize your Google My Business page. It also enhances your searchability in Google Business Listings.

Thankfully,  Google has algorithms designed to detect your business concepts, analyze your marketing contents, and generate traffic reports and customer insights, which are all done inside Google My Business. Taking advantage of the affordable small business SEO packages available online brings your marketing to a whole new level.

It allows you to become more present, not just on page one of your best keyword search results, but also listed as a primary business related to a user’s search across Google platforms like Maps and Insights. For you, this means more sales for your business, which is what all affordable SEO packages for small business ventures and enterprises aim to do.

Here at Cool Quarters Marketing, we offer affordable SEO services for small and medium-sized businesses.  We offer a number of digital marketing services designed to help businesses thrive online. We’ve also made our packages affordable and manageable, no matter your industry or company size. It’s to help you rank your business and highlight it in the listing pages of every Google business platform.

Whether you are a small bistro, a flower shop, or a candy store down the street, Cool Quarters Marketing can help get you found by those who are looking for your products and services, through our Google My Business-optimized yet affordable small business SEO packages.

Our affordable SEO packages start at $299.  More information about our top-quality services and packages can be found here.

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