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Ok I Have My Keywords…What’s Next? (Search Engine Submission)

Ok I Have My Keywords…What’s Next? (Search Engine Submission)

One of the most important parts of SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) involves keyword research and ranking for the most effective keywords. Sure, other SEO activities are important, like building link authority, but the real profits come when your business starts ranking for top positions within search results. This is why every great marketing agency will focus time on finding the most profitable keywords for their clients.

Since you are reading this article, I am assuming that you have already conducted your keyword research and now have a nice list of profitable keywords that you can use for your business. If not, no worries. But you will need to either complete the research yourself or hire an expert to do it before you can apply these tips.

The Search Engine Submission Process

After you have your list ready and have optimized content on your website using those keywords, you can begin to tell the search engines about your presence on the internet. If your website has been newly developed, search engine submission is an important step for getting the search engines to begin crawling your website. How do you do this? To ensure all of the pages of your website are crawled by the search engine spiders, create a sitemap. During the search engine submission process, your sitemap provides an index of all the pages of your website for the spider programs, and makes it easy for them to understand how your content is structured.

Your next step is to begin formulating a strategy for offsite SEO. Google and other search engines are consistently getting smarter. The artificial intelligence, algorithms, and other tools they develop and use to identify quality, relevant content is highly sophisticated and complex. This means that the days of uncontrolled spamming and clueless link building is over. The current algorithm demands a strategic and highly diversified link building and placement plan. If you aren’t careful to use white hat SEO techniques, you could get into trouble with the search engines (ie. penalized and blacklisted). This is why I recommend hiring a professional service to create backlinks for your business.

Building A Successful SEO Campaign

A professional has the required experience, knowledge and techniques required to build a successful SEO campaign. In order to produce results from incorporating SEO into your marketing strategy, this is a requirement. Besides, SEO work can be incredibly repetitive and tedious. Investing in a professional SEO manager can allow you time to focus on other important matters in your business. Search engine submission, blog commenting, writing endless streams of articles, and other tasks can be delegated to free up time.

Once your content is submitted to search engines and your plan’s put into action, it’s important to report and track how you’re actually ranking for your keywords. There are many tools out there that can help make tracking your performance a pain-free experience. Measuring SEO efforts gives you an idea of the return on investment (ROI) generated as a result of your campaigns. You can determine what is working and what isn’t working so that you know where you can make improvements.

Revise, Revamp, and Reinvent

After a while, circle back to your list of keywords and select more challenging and more profitable ones. Find ways to reinvent and improve your business. When you start ranking in search results for high volume keywords, revise, revamp, and reinvent your organizational structure and processes to accommodate your new clients and their needs. Achieving a ranking in top positions is time consuming, and requires effort. You do not want to lose business because of the overwhelming amount of work that results from high volume keywords.

Search engine submission is where the keyword competition and ranking process starts. Along with keyword research, it is the foundation for a successful SEO strategy. Therefore, it is important that your first invitation to a search engine spider is an excellent one; after that just carry out your well structured onpage and offpage plan to see real results.

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