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Grow Your Business TODAY with Low-Cost Marketing Strategies

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Whether you are just getting started, or looking for new ideas for growing your business on a budget, this online video course will give you what you need to establish and reach your marketing goals!

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Confused about how to grow your business with marketing?

Marketing can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be! We’ve structured the modules in this course in a way that allows you to develop a working marketing plan as you progress from beginning to end!

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Tailoring the right marketing plan for your business (even on a budget) requires the following:

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Why take this course?

(Hint: If this is you… you’re in the right place! 😉)

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What will I learn in this course?

(Get ready to work!  These are the areas we will cover in this course!)

current marketing goals

Module 1:
Your Current Marketing Goals

In this module, we lay the foundations for establishing your low-budget marketing plan. Before you begin choosing marketing tactics, we first need to be clear on your audience, your value, and your resources.

Content Writing

Module 2:
Attract Customers With Expert Content

Content marketing is important to your overall marketing strategy, so taking time to determine your content focus, and scheduling the creation of useful content is key.

Engaging Emails

Module 3:
Build an Email List of Engaged Subscribers

In this module, we look at what it means to harness the power of your email list. Using email to grow an engaged community provides more benefits than most business owners realize.

Social Influencer

Module 4:
Be Sociable

We take a look at the benefits of using social media, and how to build a social media strategy so your efforts are focused and you don't become overwhelmed.

Networking Event

Module 5:
Build Your Network

In this module, we look at ways you can establish and develop relationships for the long-term, so you have access to engaged potentials customers and/or industry partners.

Publicity Interview

Module 6:
Expand Your Visibility

Set yourself apart from your competition by raising your visibility as an expert in your field. With a little ingenuity, this can be done without spending a lot of money!

Action Steps

Module 7:
Create Your Low Budget Marketing Plan

In this module, we bring everything together that you've worked on in previous modules, review your key goals, and choose low-cost tactics that will enable you to achieve those goals.

Review and Refine

Module 8:
Review & Refine

Once you've outlined your plan, it's important to schedule times to review your marketing performance and make tweaks when necessary. This way, you give your business the best chance to achieve the results you are expecting from your marketing efforts.

You will also receive ALL of the following:

These resources and materials are provided within the course outline.

Video Presentations

Engaging video presentations to walk you through the concepts and strategies presented

Cheat Sheets

Cheat sheets that outline all of the main concepts we cover for each module

Action Guide

Action Guide worksheets so you can work through each step of your marketing plan as you progress through the course

Content Planner Template

Content planner template to help you plan your content strategy

Quick Strategies

High-impact, effective strategies that don't require much time or resources to complete

Longer Strategies

High-impact, effective strategies that will take most people a longer time to implement, but are worth completing!

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