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How To Get More Results When Marketing To Millennials?

How to Get More Results When Marketing to Millennials?

Millennials are the demographic that was born between 1982 and 2002. More than 81 million functioning adults in today’s society belong to this category. That means that a very large portion of the consumer demographic is the millennial demographic. Advertising today has to be specifically altered to attract this community since they make up for a large majority. There is a lot you must know about marketing to millennials, and you must know it isn’t easy. Here are some key ideas you must remember when promoting your idea or business.

 1) Advertise on all platforms

Advertise on all platforms

Millennials are multi-taskers, and they do not focus on just one platform. When they aren’t on their phones, they are on their tablets or watching TV. They try to stay on top of everything and as a result, their attention is always divided amidst a number of platforms. To effectively get your product across, you must also divide your promotions among the major platforms available at that time. Tailor the advertisements to fit the multiple media outlets and get the point across. When your product is promoted on different devices, your business or product will have a better chance of staying in their heads.

 2) Keep it fresh

Fresh and new content is all the rage among the millennials. If you stick to the old beaten track and decide on the safe approach to advertise, you won’t be seeing much results in the millennial demographic. No. They like and admire new content, even if it isn’t necessarily good content. Always maintain a young attitude when targeting these adults, for they can be very hard to please otherwise. They also appreciate creativity. Listening to out of the box ideas and venturing out in terms of promoting your business can prove to be very profitable when targeting the millennials.

 3) Don’t force it down

Don't force it down

Unlike other groups of the target audience, the millennial community is very receptive to being subjected to viewing ads, as long as they aren’t being forced to watch them. Many studies have shown receptive behaviour from this group to advertisements. Therefore it isn’t if they must be targeted, rather it is a question of how to approach them effectively. Advertise on popular streaming websites while making the content free, and there will be a spike in the popularity of the business. Let’s not limit ourselves to streaming websites. There are tons of free content distributing platforms. These are ideal locations for marketing to millennials.

 4) Millennials like humour

Millennials like humour

Whatever you do, make it funny. More often than not, sales have been found to increase if they were portrayed in humourous fashions. Be it a commercial or a printed advertisement, the product reaches the audience with more impact on it is funny. People like laughing and humour will ensure that the idea is associated with positive vibes to the target. The next time they hear the name, they are bound to feel good about it. It is a simple approach yet it is proven to be effective.

 5) Social Media

Social Media

Everyone knows that millennial culture is anything to do with the internet and social media. They value community and that sense of fellowship that social media has to offer. They are on board with the approach of appealing to the masses, more to the point they are impressed by appeals that are done right. Almost every successful business has a social media account and a manager who understands the mentality of this demographic. There have been cases of sudden spikes in the sales of products just because of a social media campaign. Organising such campaigns and promoting your ideas in such a manner will be way more effective and also way less expensive. It’s a win-win situation.

 6) Don’t go with the hard sell

Don't go with the hard sell

They’ve seen it all. The hard sell has become somewhat of a source of humour among the millennials and not the good kind of funny either. They are done with this form of advertising. They are much more receptive to brands and branding when the promotion comes from fellow members of the community. Getting a social media influencer such as a popular YouTuber or an Instagram model to promote your business is a great way to increase your viewership and expand your audience. They value authenticity and originality over other values. Ditch the hard sell and focus on getting your point across through outlets they already like and trust.

 7) They are all different

They are all different

Whatever you do, don’t make the mistake of putting all the millennials under the same category. The best part and the problem with this community is how different they are from each other. Unlike previous generations, they cannot be filed under one term having the same expectations from a product. Research has to be carried out and studies must be conducted before you can decide on the aptest way of reaching the minds of these millennials. Understand that they are different and that different techniques are to be used for effective marketing to millennials. If you put in that time and effort, you will definitely see an increase in sales.

 8) Stay on top of trends

Stay on top of trends

Memes and trends are two words that can be used to accurately represent the millennials. They always try to be on top the newest trend, the next big thing. Incorporate that next big thing into your campaign and it will be very helpful to reach this particular demographic.

Millennials make up a huge chunk of the consumer audience to be ignored or taken lightly. While advertising to them can be tricky, when it is carried out properly, the effects can be immensely gratifying.

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