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Cool Quarters | Digital Marketing Free Consulting 2020

0:00 – Hi everybody my name is Trelena Anderson I am the CEO and founder of Cool Quarters Digital Marketing,  and I have decided to come out from behind the scenes and become the real face of Cool Quarters Marketing.

0:19 – I have been in business since 2003, and we started with graphic and web design for a number of clients: entrepreneurs, small businesses, mid-sized businesses, you name it!  And then I have transition over to a full-service digital marketing agency.  And I have decided that this year I am going to step out from behind the scenes and actually just put my face on YouTube on social media and on my website.   This way I give potential clients the opportunity to get to know me before actually engaging in services.

0:59 – And so, one of the ways that I’ve done this is, I have created an online virtual digital marketing consultation! And I believe it’s a really good way for you know someone to go and to actually experience a digital marketing consultation without the actual one on one. So, if you’d like to give it a try definitely head over to my website coolquartersmarketing.com, or you can just go to coolquartersmarketing.com/consulting in order to get started.

0:1:35 – But yeah, I am going to be growing this channel like crazy, so if you want some more information about websites or if you need some advice about your website, digital marketing, graphic design, you know things like chatbots or SEO,  PPC all these things are going to be covering and talking about on my channel.  Just taking a lot of expertise from my team and I, and we are just going to share what we know with you!

2:05 – So if you, it doesn’t matter if you are a small business if you’re thinking about getting started, if you have a business and you’re an actual brick-and-mortar company and you’re looking to now transition online and begin to drive online, you know, definitely subscribe!   I just want to chat I want to make connection and just chat with you guys and see how I can be of assistance, how I can help, and to make a direct connection with you guys so…

2:31 – Definitely subscribe to my channel, check out the online digital marketing consultation, and if you need to have an actual consultation with me I have free 30-minute consultations that you can book just head to my website. And in that, my team and I will actually do analysis of your business beforehand so that we can have something to share about what your digital marketing efforts look like right now so. So many resources, so many things that we  want to do and I’m just looking forward to this. I’m praying that this will be a blessing for you guys and that this channel will truly make a difference for you and your business so.

3:13 – My motto is to help businesses like yours to succeed and thrive online, and hopefully this channel will help do just that, all right? So looking forward to connecting and talking with you soon, take care.

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