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Convey the RIGHT message with professional branding.

Beef up your branding.

Is your business in need of a professional makeover?  Convey the message you want your customers to receive when they see your brand!

We will help to identify key aspects about your business and customers that will result in branding that speaks volumes about you without saying anything at all!  Then, we’ll use your new branding to product marketing materials that will make you shine!

Consultation & Planning

Let’s talk!  After getting some details from you, we will discuss your needs more thoroughly so that we deliver on results that work for you.

Research & Development

We will gather inspiration based on your needs and structure all of the marketing materials that we will create for you.

Logo Design

Strong branding starts here!  We will work to create the perfect logo that sends the right message about your business.

Promotional Materials

Promote your products and services with newly branded marketing materials.

One Page Website

We will create a new one page website that will allow your new branding to shine online.

Social Media

Create (or revamp) your social media presence with your new look!

"Branding is what people say about you when you are not in the room."


Why work with us?

Partnership & Trust. Consider us your partners in identifying the messaging you want to portray from your brand, and using it to create brilliant professional materials for your company.

Excellence & Quality. Our structured process allows us to give focused attention to your projects and to product quality results.

Printing and Shipping Options.  All promotional materials included in your plan are professionally printed and shipped to your door.

Project Management.  We make sure that you stay informed with what’s going on with your projects!  View updates, proofs and more on your project management dashboard.

I have to say that my experience was very professional and here is why: After my website was completed, Cool Quarters made sure that as an administrator that I understood how to use every feature of my new website. That, experience alone was invaluable. Congratulations again Cool Quarters Marketing and thank you!

Vernell Robinson

Cool Quarters Marketing is a complete design and consulting firm. I find them to be very thorough. Trelena tends to go the extra mile when pursuing what her clients need, tenacious to a fault. When receiving a consult, understand that she will go out of her way to provide the best ideas related to your project.

Charletta Young
Photos by Chaci
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