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8 Reasons Internet Marketing Trumps Traditional Marketing Methods

8 Reasons Internet Marketing Trumps Traditional Marketing Methods

The way we do business today is totally different from the way we did business a couple decades ago.  Gone are the days when tv, radio, and print ads reigned as the premier ways to get your marketing message across to the masses.  Internet marketing has since leveled the playing field and given businesses of all sizes the ability to gain the attention of potential customers.  Where traditional marketing created barriers to entry and marketing success, internet marketing has opened the floodgates! Here are eight reasons why we think internet marketing trumps traditional marketing methods.

Internet marketing is more affordable

If you wish to reach out to a few thousand people, traditional media outlets could charge you a pretty penny to get you started.  Even if you ad is well received by the general public, think about the amount of money you could have saved by running the ad on online mediums where your audiences are (social media, youtube, etc).  You would have spent a fraction of the cost to gain their attention, and an opportunity to refine your message to those who will care most about the products or services you are providing.

You can reach your targeted audience

If you are a big company who can afford buying airtime and several TV commercial campaigns, then great!  However, most companies are looking for creative and budget-friendly ways to gain more leads. Internet marketing includes strategies like search engine optimization (SEO) and pay per click advertising (PPC) which allows you to reach the exact audience you are looking for.  Are your ideal customers women who are between the ages of 20-45 who drink smoothies and like to run outdoors?  Well with PPC, you can run ad campaigns that will target this ideal customer with your messaging and offers and lead them to your products or services.  This type of granularity in targeting your specific audience is nearly impossible with traditional media.

Real Time Results

Traditional marketing methods do not really provide a way to measure your results in real time. Whereas, internet marketing allows you to view the results and performance of your campaigns with real time performance and analytics reports.  Take for instance email marketing. Within a few hours of sending your email, you can measure how many people opened your email, how many clicked on the links to your offer/website/service, etc. Being able to see this type of performance quickly gives you the chance to tweak and improve your marketing strategies to make them more effective.  

Consistent Brand Building

Internet marketing triumphs big time when it comes to building an outlet for your brand. Big companies can definitely afford a permanent column in a newspaper or the front page of a popular magazine but what about small businesses? In fact, even if we ignore the size of the company, it is a fact that magazines and newspapers do not give you the complete freedom to express yourself.  However, on your own website, blog, email newsletters, and social media channels, you are able to create a consistent online presence that is consistent and supportive of your brand and company culture.

High Exposure

With radio and television ads, every time your advertisement is aired, you will get charged for it.  However there are a few internet marketing techniques like SEO that can consistently win you exposure for free!  It requires time and effort, but with a great SEO strategy, your company website can come up in search engine results when people are looking for things related to your products or services.  And the great thing is that it’s a consistent way to get more exposure for your business.

Direct Engagement

Being able to directly interact with your customers and potential customers is another reason why we love marketing on the web.  Website forms, email campaigns, and especially social media channels have made this easier to do. A simple chat app installed within the website or a neat link that can redirect user to the correct place is enough to get them directly in your inbox and convert them into valuable customers.

Going Viral

After you’ve launched  your marketing campaign, how do you know it was successful?  If you posted a video on Youtube, Facebook, or Instagram, you can know immediately how many views you received, likes, shares, comments, etc.  With traditional methods, you either needed to wait and count the number of calls or word of mouth referrals you received. You may have had tremendous success, but it traditional methods usually lack the ability to report instant wins to you in a short period of time.

Refining and Reviewing

The best part about internet marketing is the flexibility, quick output and ability to view and compile all of your performance results into a single reporting dashboard if you wish.  There is marketing software that can do compile the results of your SEO, PPC, social media, email marketing, all into one! This is great if you have multiple internet marketing campaigns and need to see how you are doing overall.   You can do it on your own, or choose to hire a professional to refine your strategy on the go, saving your hard earned money and your precious time to focus on running your business.


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