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6 Things Your Business Website Needs Today!

00:00 – Okay, so let’s talk about websites and should your business have one?

00:09 – Well, it would seem as if the obvious answer is yes, but then recently there has been debate about whether or not you really need a website when you have. Options like social media, when you have options, like just having a landing page, and when you have so many other technology platforms, people are beginning to wonder, well, do I really need a website for my business?

00:33 – Well, regardless of the trends, I believe that it becomes the platform of your digital presence. Okay. So in my. Opinion, in my experience, it is really beneficial to your business to have a website, and here’s some of the reasons why , it becomes the backbone of your digital presence. Like I said, you could have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, you have all these different social media platforms, but it’s important to have a place where they all go back to, right?

01:05 – Because for one, a website you can own it can become yours social media. Facebook you may be able to create a page on Facebook, but it doesn’t belong to you belongs to Facebook. When you create something on Twitter, it’s your Twitter page. Yes, but it still belongs to Twitter. If Twitter decides that they want to take their platform down tomorrow, then what are you left with?

01:25 – Right? However, your website is your website, unless you are building it on a platform that someone else controls your website and the content on it, it’s yours. So when you are going to go through the effort of digital marketing, where you’re trying to bring in or lead to and drive more traffic to, to your business, you want to drive traffic for something that you own.

01:50 – Okay? So think of your website as. Your business in a digital space. Okay. This is especially important for people who have brick and mortar companies because yes, you may have a physical location that you conduct business out of, but your website is a digital representation of that same business, and so you will want to make sure that that’s something that you want as well.

02:16 – Okay, so it’s going to be the place where people initially look for you. If they find out about you, they’re going to want to go to your website because that’s the place where you have the freedom to explain who you are, what your products and services are, how they can get in contact with you and all of that.

02:32 – If everything else fails. Your website should remain true to who you are and should communicate to your people what it is that you do and how they can interact with you. Okay, so yes, if you don’t have a website, I would definitely say your first line of business. For succeeding online is to get a website.

02:53 – It doesn’t have to be fancy, it doesn’t have to be complicated, but at least have a place with a domain that represents your company and I know information that people would need in order to get to know more about your business. That’s foundational, and then you can build upon that. Okay. So when we talk about, you know, having a website, okay, that’s great and fine and all, but what should your business website half, and I already touched on this a little bit , aside from all the bells and whistles, if you take all the bells and whistles away, okay.

03:26 – The initial things that your business should have is from one. Your contact information, how can they reach you? It may be a phone number and maybe an email address and maybe a form that actually sends messages to your email address, which is better to put your email address online. Please don’t do that, but , it should have, it should give people a way to contact you.

03:47 – That’s foundation. Okay. It should also describe what your business is. Who you are and what you do. Okay. And it should be clear and concise. They should be able to pick up immediately what it is that you do as soon as you cause a person to have to struggle, or if there’s any strain and figuring out what it is that they’re looking for, they will immediately bounce and go to the next website.

04:10 – Or God forbid your customer, right? So you want to make sure that you’re. Extremely clear about what it is that you do. I am a shoe manufacturer and this is my product. This is what I do. This is how much they cost. This is, these are the options that I have and this is how you can pay for it. And this is how you can contact me if there’s any questions.

04:29 – Okay. Make it extremely simple for people. So definitely. Clearly defined your company, your products and services and how they can contact you. That’s what we talked about so far. Another thing, when you are building your website, make sure that your website domain or your, what we call it, your web address or your URL is extremely easy to remember.

04:53 – It should be a web. Address that reflection or company. If it’s not your company name, let’s say it’s taken for whatever reason, maybe it’s your products and services and what you do. but it should be extremely easy to remember, and it should be easy to type in, try to refrain from using dashes if you can, and also make sure that the

05:12 – Ending of your web address will be called like a.net.com.org reflects what your actual institution is. So, for instance, that gov that is reserved for government authority. I mean, these are things that we already know, right. Dot org is for, you know, most likely nonprofit organizations or organizations.

05:31 – That was to do some type of community service, right? But now there’s like a list of hundreds of different ones that you can choose. So you want to make sure that you choose something that, speaks to the legitimacy of your company. A lot of people are used to saying.com these days, but that’s not to say that you can’t use that, this or that.

05:52 – School, you know, they have all of these available. A lot of them are a lot more expensive because they speak to a specific industry, but the most common is.com however, if you get into this situation where your perfect name isn’t available. Then that’s when you will begin to consider some of the others to still get your domain name.

06:12 – But, the, the ending could be a little different, but it still allows you to be able to get the domain that you’re looking for. Another key thing that you need for your website is easy navigation. Okay? The last thing that people want to do is to be searching all of your website, trying to get their questions answered.

06:29 – Are they looking for your services? Are they looking for a specific . Big brand of something that you sell. , are they looking for a specific topic? You know, that you write about. You want to make sure that they can easily navigate your website. Okay. So that would pertain to the menu, making it very clear with main categories.

06:49 – And if you have to have. Sub categories or sub pages, then you make sure that that is something that they can find in your menu, in the header and or in the footer of your website. Okay. Trying to refrain from using, you know, deep levels of menus and unless it’s absolutely necessary, most of your businesses and most of the things that you are dealing with do not need that type of complexity.

07:14 – Try to keep it as simple as possible. Think about this as if it was a company that you. They’re looking for products and services for and how deep would you want to go, or how many clicks do you want to have in order to find the information? Probably not a lot, right? You don’t want, you don’t have time to be frustrated.

07:30 – You don’t have time to think about it. Think about if you only had maybe two minutes to find something, how quickly can. Your customer, your potential customers, find that information on your own website. Okay? So make it as clean and clear as possible. Another thing that you want to consider is just the overall goal of your website.

07:50 – Okay? So think about, before you even go through the process of building a website, you want to ask, what are the things that I want the my, my visitors to actually do on my website? Is it. Just that I want them to get information about me. Is it that I want them to order products? Is it that I want them to download materials?

8:10 – Is it that I just want them to book appointments? You know? Is it that I want them to book a consultation? You know? What is the end goal of your website? All of this, if you summarize it, it’s called the call to action. What is the action that you want your customers to take when they have spent a little bit of time on your website?

8:31 -Okay. So if that’s the main thing that everything that they see or that they experience on your website should lead them to that call to action. Okay. Should lead them to purchasing something or to downloading something or to booking a consultation with you or something like that. Okay. So would that call to action mind be thinking about how the flow of your website, the navigation.

8:55 – The content that you provide on your website actually will lead them to taking that step on your website. And so then speaking about the content, make sure that your content is fresh. Okay? You want it to reflect who you are and you want it to work. Flow your tone. Every company, every business has their own.

9:16 – Feel right? When you enter into a steak house to go out to dinner, you expect a certain IBM Z, you expect a certain feel.You know, when you enter that atmosphere, but then when you go to like say five guys, you know, you don’t expect that same atmosphere. You want your burger and you want it now. You know?

9:32 – So it’s like. Their atmosphere is something to be said. The experience weighs a lot on what people expect from the company, and so that’s the same thing with the content that you bring, the content, your content should reflect the real tone of your business. When you are writing content or whether you’re making videos or you’re creating images, or even just the overall design of your website should all reflect the tone and the.

10:00 – Style, written and unwritten, verbal and nonverbal of your company. Okay. So you want to make sure that anytime you’re developing something for your visitors that you’re providing valuable content. Okay. It should, they should be able to feel like they’ve gotten something from visiting your website, from reading an article, from watching a video and things like that.

10:22 – Little takeaways that they can take along with them and say, Hey, I’m glad I spent my time. Watching this and I’m glad I spent my time reading this. Okay, so another thing that you want to consider to have on your website is to definitely get customer reviews. If you’re a new business, you may not have any yet, but as you begin to get customers, make sure you give them an opportunity to leave a review about their experience with you.

10:46 – The reason why is because you want to take that testimonial and put it on your website so that others can see. See, this is what their experience has been with you. It gives other people a chance to kind of walk through their shoes and to see what they experience is like with you without actually having had done it first.

11:03 – Okay. So it takes the pressure off a little bit. And so I definitely encourage getting some reviews, definitely putting them on your website and just giving other people a chance to get to know you a little bit more from different angles. So those are some of the reasons, and those are some of the things that you can make sure that you have on your business website.

11:22 – in order to lay the foundation for success online. And you should definitely, to answer the first question, you should definitely have a website because again, it is a foundational piece that you can build your marketing plan on. Okay. When you have social media, when you start going into social media marketing, right?

11:41 – We started wanting to email marketing and do SEO and PPC and all of these things, you need to have a base to bring it all back into. Okay. And so it’s, it gets kinda disjointed when you don’t have a website. So my recommendation is definitely going to website and definitely think about these things that should be on your website when you get it developed.

12:01 – If you have any questions, let me know. Just leave your comments down in the section below Subscribe to my channel. I know I’m new actually to the YouTube channel, but I just, I just want to have a chat with you guys. Just let me know if you have any questions and I’ll definitely create videos to answer those and I look forward to talking about some other topics as well.

12:20 – So take care. Talk to you soon.

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