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5 Simple Steps To Create Effective Uses Of Social Media

5 Simple Steps to Create Effective Uses of Social Media

Whether you are a large or small company, having a solid social media presence is critical if you want to achieve success online.  And incorporating the most effective uses of social media can make a huge difference in your social media campaigns! So now you can ask the question “are we effectively using social media to reach our business goals?”

To help you answer that question, we have provided you with 5 simple steps you can follow to ensure effective uses of social media.

Step One:  Analyze your current social media networks

To begin, you will want to carefully evaluate your current social media presence:  

  • What platforms are you actively using? (Facebook, Instagram, etc.)
  • Are your profiles complete and fully updated?
  • Can you determine the platforms that providing you with the highest value?  (ie. level of engagement, followers, etc?)
  • Compare your social media presence with that of your competitors.  Are there any elements or strategies they are using that you aren’t?

Step Two:  Determine who your target market is and create a social media strategy around them.

Even the largest companies and brands can fail if they don’t target their audiences.  Understanding your best customer is very important if you want to win in social media.  To do this, you should gather critical information about them, like their gender, age, location, interests, average income, what social media platforms they are most active on, etc.

Once you do this, you can create a social strategy around their interests.  If you are able to provide them with content that interests them, you’re more likely to attract their attention.  So it’s important to know your audience so you can connect with them.

Step Three:  What are the results of your effective uses of social media?

At the end of the day, effectively using social media means engaging with current and future customers, which means increasing revenue.  Set up your platforms so that they provide you with analytics on key performance indicators (KPI)s that can help you track your return on investment.  What matters most in your campaign, increasing followers and traffic to your website with clicks coming from your posts? Are you targeting current customers for repeat sales by posting deals?

If you carefully track the time and resources spent to create your campaigns and then set analytics in place to track the engagement you get from your social media campaigns, you can better determine how your effective use of social media affects your company’s bottom line.

Step Four:  Create attractive and engaging content

Unfortunately, many companies jump directory to this step without first determining who their target audience is!  However, once you know your their interests, it is easier to create content that will attract them to you.

But in general, what kind of content is trendy and catchy? Here are a few examples of content you can create.

  • Images and Videos: Create or include exciting images and videos for effective uses of social media.  Of course, they should always illustrate and support the topic of your content or your brand.
  • Blog Posts:  Linking to blog articles on your website is a great strategy.  Just make sure that your blog articles are fresh and that they get to the point.  They should also be easy to read and keep the reader’s attention. You can also break up the text by adding images, infographics, and graphs in the blog posts.  Many readers scan the text, so giving them bullet points to scan is also effective.
  • Ebooks:  Creating an ebook takes more time, but including it in your campaign is another effective use of social media.  Hosting a giveaway for a free copy, or using it as a way to get more traffic to your website are proven ways to get more readers engaged.
  • Company or Industry News: Keeping your targeted audience updated with what’s going on in your company or industry is another great use of social media for your campaigns…especially if this is something that interests your target audience.

Step Five:  Buy few Social Media Management Tools

You can really save time and effort if you decide to use a social media management tool.  Not only will you be able to boost productivity, but they can help you remain consistent. For instance, you can create your content in bulk for the month, and the schedule them to be posted at times you select.  

Being able to schedule and create automated posting are essential especially if you are reaching international audiences with varying time zones. But essentially, having that peace of mind to know that your content is getting published even when you are away is valuable.  There are many tools in the market that can do this and more for you. Our favorites are Hootesuite and Sendible.

Hopefully these 5 tips were helpful in determining effective uses of social media in your marketing campaigns.  What are are some tips you would like to share with other business owners so that they see results in their social media marketing?

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